۶۵. ?Where Do You Get Your Ideas


I try to find ideas from something seemingly unrelated and extrapolate its essence to arrive at new and fresh ideas. That’s a good way to avoid sophomoric design statements.

Trevor Combs, Super Innovative Concepts, Inc.


Usually great ideas come from other categories, meaning if you are developing a product for the hardware industry you might use an idea from a housewares project you just completed.

Paul Metaxatos, Proteus Design


I get many ideas from carefully observing the world. Ideas are a bit like radio waves; they’re all around us. The more I’m able to contemplate and focus on a given problem, the clearer the solution becomes.

Mario Turchi, ION Design


Just look at the world; the ideas are right in front of you. Just watch people use things and then create things for their functional aspects. The aesthetic attributes are usually in nature.

Davin Stowell, Smart Design LLC


Becoming a product designer: A guide to careers in design

Bruce Hannah, 2004, P 169


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