39. Therapeutic metaphor


Therapeutic metaphor is a type of conceptual metaphor presented as a story or other parallel to an entire aspect of a situation, related by a psychotherapist to a patient. The purpose of this is to highlight to a person, in an effective way, some aspects and lessons that otherwise they might not be able to perceive as clearly in their current situation, or to suggest new outlooks on it. Thus a therapist, told about the untimely death of a loved one, might respond by describing two roses in a garden, one of which is dug up. (Wikipedia)

«Here» are some therapeutic metaphor (story) examples.


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معصومه خانم، خير. چرا اين سوال را مي پرسيد؟ طلايي جان، به قول استاد "دوران" اين قزبيت بازي ها را در نياور! بچه هاي گروه، ما چاكريم. بچه هاي گروه فشار كه نيستيد انشاء الله...

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