Metaphorical Thinking : تفکر استعاری

در ديگر دنياها بگرديد، بنگريد، بشنويد و بپرسيد. سپس به دنياي خود باز گرديد و از مفهوم هاي تازه، راهي نو براي انجام كارهايتان بسازيد. چارلز هندی

39. Therapeutic metaphor
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Therapeutic metaphor is a type of conceptual metaphor presented as a story or other parallel to an entire aspect of a situation, related by a psychotherapist to a patient. The purpose of this is to highlight to a person, in an effective way, some aspects and lessons that otherwise they might not be able to perceive as clearly in their current situation, or to suggest new outlooks on it. Thus a therapist, told about the untimely death of a loved one, might respond by describing two roses in a garden, one of which is dug up. (Wikipedia)

«Here» are some therapeutic metaphor (story) examples.


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